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Prepare to Scare!

We hope you enjoy our short videos and that they'll give you plenty of inspiration for your own spooky Halloween display! Each year you have the chance to make a lasting impression on all your Trick-or-Treaters and neighbors! Be sure to check in regularly as we have new ghoulish creations every month, especially leading up to Halloween!

Ghoulish Creations

The Queen of Ghouls store is always available to serve your scary Halloween decoration needs. We feature life size Halloween decorations and props that will scare even the bravest Trick-or-Treater!

Who is the Queen of Ghouls?

Kathy Simmons has a passion for ghoulish excitement and helping everyone enjoy the horrors of Halloween.
Her passion and creativity have earned several awards and recognitions from community contests.
Any of her creations will be a great addition to your own display!